Easy Charcuterie Board for Christmas Parties

Windy City dinner fairy

How to Choose the Best Meats

Pick an assortment of flavors when it comes to meats. Some favorites are a hard salami, some salty prosciutto, and soppressata to spice things  up a bit.

Choosing Fresh Fruit

Pops of red color:  - strawberries - raspberries - sugared cranberries Pops of green: - green grapes - kiwi

Time to put it all together!

Make Your Brie Snowflake

Use a snowflake-shaped cookie cutter to creat a shallow well. Fill it with your favorite red jam.

1. Brie makes the perfect centerpiece. 

2. Start with large cheese, jams and bowls. 

3. Start filling in with your sliced meats & cheeses.

4. Leave room to fill in with fruit and nuts. 

5. Fill in any gaps with fruits and nuts

Enjoy & Happy Holidays!

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