Easy Orange Crepes for Easter Brunch

Windy City dinner fairy

Make orange curd by combining egg  yolks, orange zest, sugar and orange  juice in a double boiler.

Whisk constantly until mixture  thickens. Do not let the  eggs scramble. 

Pour orange curd into a separate  bowl. Cover with plastic wrap to  avoid the curd forming a skin.

Make and fill the crepe with orange curd. Spread in a thin layer across  the crepe and fold into quarters.

Top folded crepe with sweetened mascarpone, orange segments, confectioners’ sugar or more  orange curd & ENJOY!

What you need

Or Orange Curd - Egg yolks - Granulated sugar - Orange zest - Salt - Unsalted butter Sweetened mascarpone - Mascarpone - Powdered sugar - Vanilla extract Crepe Batter - recipe details in post.