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Spinach and Red Pepper Frittata

  • Author: Nicole Triebe
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: 8 1x



8 eggs, whisked (don’t overbeat)

1 tablespoon butter

1/3 cup heavy cream

1 cups cooked red bell pepper 

5 oz raw baby spinach, chopped

1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese

1/2 cup crumbled feta or goat cheese

½ teaspoon salt and pepper

1/2 cup sliced cherry tomatoes, optional


  1. In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs, heavy cream, salt and pepper
  2. Add the peppers, chopped spinach, grated parmesan cheese, and stir to combine. Preheat skillet over medium heat.  Add 1 tablespoon of butter and pour the mixture into an oven-safe pan then place it in the oven and bake until set, 20 to 23 minutes.
  3. Add crumbled feta cheese and sliced cherry tomatoes if desired.  Slice and serve the frittata directly from the pan.