Work with me

Let’s collaborate! I enjoy working with a wide range of companies and brands to help you meet the needs of your marketing objectives and goals; as well as to inform my readers of your products. I will only work with companies or brands I respect and personally enjoy. I reserve the right to publish my honest opinion.

I love creating brand-related content and have worked with several companies in the past including, but not limited to: Baskin Robbins, Bob’s Red Mill, Taittinger Champagne, Fresh Thyme Market, Chicago Vodka, Brummel & Brown, Biotta, Turano Bread Company, Wolferman’s English Muffins and Fresh Thyme Market.

Some ways we can work together:


I love creating new recipes for brands. Please contact me if you would like me to create recipes for your company.



I love making your food and products look beautiful. I will gladly work with you to photograph existing company recipes using my own personal equipment and style.


I would love to partner with your company or brand and create a customized social media campaign to help you meet your advertising or marketing goals.